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Introducing Signal

Cut through the noise with Signal

Signal is the new standard for exploring healthcare price transparency data.

Easily search, compare, analyze, visualize rates in any market across millions of providers and thousands of codes.

Query at a row level for specific negotiated rates by provider across any payer in our library for any code.

Signal searching MRF Rates
Search any CPT, HCPCS, DRG, or revenue code
Search any CPT, HCPCS, DRG, or revenue code
Filter by any specialty and understand rates by licensure
Filter by any specialty and understand rates by licensure
Filter by state or specify sub-regions
Filter by state or specify sub-regions
Access our provider directory to find specific entities
Access our provider directory to find specific entities

Market Benchmarks

With Market Benchmarks, analyze reimbursement trends nationwide in less than 5 clicks to build your partnerships strategy.

Signal's Market Benchmarks Example Report

Peer Benchmarks

When you want to deep dive, use Peer Benchmarks to stack up your target providers' fee schedules against each other everywhere they are in-network.

Signal's Peer Benchmarks Example Report


All data easily exportable to .csv to join with other datasets for quick analysis.

Signal can export data to CSV

We also offer

Our entry level tool to search any code within any state and see the distribution of rates for each payer.

Amplitude example report

See what our customers are saying

Serif’s tools have unlocked key pieces of information that have supported how we structure our contracts. They’ve been a helpful partner in understanding price transparency data, and their team has consistently gone above and beyond to quickly source data to assist with our needs.

Chief of Staff

Specialty Care Group

Serif's reimbursement data has been instrumental in informing which clinical groups are viable for us to work with. After zeroing in on those groups, it has allowed us to shortcut the arduous back and forth of gathering reimbursement pricing data from them, something that is particularly difficult when helping a clinical group expand their service offerings. Being able to show up at an early stage meeting with reimbursement information in hand and in a deck has been a game changer and wins us significant credibility right off the bat.

VP of Commercial Growth

Radiology Services

Using the data from Serif has been incredibly helpful for our payor negotiations. There is no longer a mystery about where you stand in the market.

Bret Hicks, Director-Finance

Tucson Medical Center

Signal makes complex MRF data easy to use. Other tools we looked at returned significantly more 'junk' data and clutter that made us do extra work. As a multispecialty provider with several surgery centers, Serif equalizes the knowledge disparity between payers and providers.

Chief Network Officer

Multispecialty Provider with several ASCs

Powering healthcare price transparency for over 100 companies – from startups to enterprises.

Axia Women's Health
Sohar Health
Tucson Medical Center

Sample Data

Try Signal today

We have configured a sample search and reports so you can take Signal for a test drive.