Powering Price Transparency

Serif Health gives businesses the ability to leverage machine-readable pricing data recently published by health plans. Our products and APIs transform this massive, messy source dataset into clean outputs tailored to your use case.

Who We Serve

Powering price transparency for the following groups:


Serif Health's self-serve analytics portal and dashboards are designed for contracting and payer relations teams.

Our technology platform allows you to benchmark reimbursements against competitors, develop pricing strategies, evaluate new market opportunities, and improve contracting outcomes with insurance plans.
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Health Plans

With Serif Health, plans can utilize the latest national price transparency data to evaluate plan design and provider networks.

Our benchmarking analytics help plans identify the best provider groups, optimize network management, and direct members to more cost-effective care.
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Serif Health empowers employers and plan administrators to utilize price transparency data to improve plan selection and reduce overspending.

Audit historical claim payments against contracted rates published in MRF datasets and use our benchmarking analytics to identify local provider groups for direct contracting and self-funded employer plan agreements.
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Working with price transparency data is difficult. Don't reinvent the wheel - we can deliver normalized MRF data directly to your data warehouse or structured storage systems on a monthly basis. You can focus on building novel healthcare products and workflows that incorporate the latest cost of care data without writing your own indexers and scrapers.
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