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Announcing Signal by Serif Health

Cut through the noise with our new real-time rate search tool

Anav Sharma



Today, we are excited to officially launch our new rate search tool, Signal, to all interested in accessing nationwide price transparency machine readable file data at a row-level in real-time. 

Signal represents an industry-first for price transparency. Instead of having to deal with fixed datasets that need maintenance, go stale, and limit what you can search, our team embarked on a massive technical undertaking involving optimizing data architecture, building a high performance API, and creating a flexible user experience that takes into account how anyone across healthcare would want to leverage price transparency.   

With Signal, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Huge machine readable files that are a pain to store, transfer, and work with
  • Long wait times for a query to finish traversing millions of rows
  • Coordinating with vendors to fulfill requests or pre-load data into a portal
  • Having to request refreshes of previous data

All you need is a log-in to our Serif Health web app and our API will handle the heavy-lifting to give you multiple TB of price transparency data at your fingertips to explore and export. 

Some quick highlights on what we have in Signal:

  • 150+ payers’ core networks available to analyze – including all major national commercial carriers (e.g., United, Cigna, Aetna, BCBS), regional, and exchange plans (e.g., Kaiser, Centene, Oscar)
  • No limits on codes – search any CPT code, HCPCS code, DRG code, or revenue code
  • An extensive menu of filters to refine your searches
    - Taxonomy – search any specialty
    - Regions – search by state or specify sub-regions
    - Billing information – e.g., filter for specific modifiers, institutional / facility fees only, pro fees only
  • Access to Serif Health’s provider directory to compare rates for specific entities
  • Thousands of row-level results generated in seconds – all exportable to .csv
  • Rate distributions with deep-dive ability to click-into outliers

We are so excited to have this out in the wild! If you want a free trial key, please feel free to reach out via or book a demo on our Calendly:

We would love to hear your feedback and see how we can continue to improve the tool.