For Providers

Use the latest pricing data to drive practice strategy

Payor Contracting

Serif Health's self-serve analytics portal and dashboards are designed for payor contracting and relations teams. Our platform enables you to quickly benchmark reimbursements against any geographic market, develop pricing strategy, and improve contracting outcomes with insurance plans.

Competitive Analytics

Serif Health has the tools, data, and expertise to help identify competitor EINs and NPIs in your sector of the healthcare system. We can do custom pulls or analytics dashboards showing detailed rate data, code-by-code for your key competitors.

We work with provider groups in segments like behavioral health, surgery, radiology, urology, and emergent care to isolate and identify competitor and partner rates, empowering leadership to optimize pricing and competitive strategy.

Contract Verification

Contracted rates between provider groups and insurance plans are hard to set and even harder to verify. Despite what's written in a contract or fee schedule, provider groups are often underpaid by plans.

If your RCM system shows signs of under-reimbursement, Serif Health can quickly pull your contracted rates across all payers and networks, identify payments that don't match your paperwork, and enable you to have a data driven conversation with the plan.

Unlock price transparency data

We'll do the heavy lifting and provide access to clear, actionable pricing data for your organization.