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You don’t need a supercomputer - you need Serif Health.

Matthew Robben
February 3, 2023

If you’re paying attention to healthcare news, you probably saw the recent posting in Fierce Healthcare about a report from Georgetown University stating that “many of the data files are far too large to access without help from a supercomputer.”

We’re happy to report that simply is not accurate. You don’t need a supercomputer, you just need Serif Health. We’ve custom engineered a data pipeline to work with and extract data from the most complex payer files in the country quickly and cost-effectively, and our extractor can run on any hardware - even a laptop.

Anthem’s Virginia PPO, 151.7 GB uncompressed? No sweat. Cigna’s previously 650 GB PPO file that now has 24,000 HTTP calls embedded in it? Extracted on demand. Anthem California’s 91 different network files? Queryable in seconds. Humana’s 16,000 file National NPOS network? Fully indexed and ready to query. 

We have inventoried and can pull data from every payer in every state, including behavioral health, rental, and wraparound networks. If they’ve posted, we can pull it. Best of all, we slice, filter, and deliver that data to you in an CSV file format that busy healthcare leaders can work with in any off-the-shelf spreadsheet application.  

You don’t need to bulk buy or sort through 630 Terabytes of mostly redundant data and overlapping payer networks. Instead, you can give us a payer list and the combination of TIN, NPI, procedure code, and/or NUCC taxonomy code that you want to target. We will deliver a filtered-down slice of the payer data at whatever cadence you’d like. No supercomputers, data warehouses, or engineers required. 

Send us your data pull requests or book a demo of our self-serve rates portal today!

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