For Health Plans

Improve network management and provider contracting with the latest market insights

Network Management

Supercharge your network management capabilities with our data analytics and MRF file services.

Benchmark the cost of your provider network in your markets relative to other plans or CMS baselines and identify new contract opportunities.

Our selected data partners can add in their expertise with provider quality, volume, and network adequacy datasets to enable optimal decision making.

Plan Design

Provider reimbursement data has historically been one of the missing inputs in determining plan premiums and deductibles.

Serif Health can help you understand how the size, cost, and scope of your provider network stacks up against competitors and discover opportunities to make your plan more competitive in your markets.

Member Navigation

Direct your members to more cost-effective care by using Serif Health's MRF data services.

Identify low-cost, high-quality providers in your key markets and improve your Transparency in Coverage mandated directory tools to help your members better understand their cost of care.

Unlock price transparency data

We'll do the heavy lifting and provide access to clear, actionable pricing data for your organization.