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Easily integrate cost of care data into new digital health products

Bulk Data

Overwhelmed by the time and engineering costs involved in working with MRF data? We've streamlined MRF ingestion, QA, deduping, filtering, and transformation so you don't have to.

We can deliver clean MRF data directly to your warehouse each month, converted into formats that are easily queried or loaded into structured storage. Best of all, the source data can be filtered down to just the segments of the healthcare market you and your customers care about - at a price point to match. Get back to building novel healthcare products and workflows powered by price transparency data but without all the headaches.


Serif Health supports developer-friendly APIs for pre-aggregated market rates, market distributions, and individual contracted rate lookups by EIN or NPI.

Our APIs are blazing fast, autoscale to your capacity needs, and are backed by an enterprise-grade SLA.

If your use case is transactional, targeted, and you'd like to avoid data warehousing and management, our APIs can help.

Data Enrichment

The MRF schema leaves out some crosswalk data necessary for proper querying, filtering, and comparison of rates. Serif Health can extend the MRF data with TIN addresses and organization names, provider and organization taxonomy, and baseline schedule rates from CMS.

Our external data partnerships allow easy access to procedure volumes, provider quality scores, and provider affiliations data that enhance value when combined with price.

Unlock price transparency data

We'll do the heavy lifting and provide access to clear, actionable pricing data for your organization.