For Employers

Reduce overspending on claims and help employees find cost-effective care

Claims Audit & Verification

With Serif Health as your data partner, it's easy to compare claim payments at the line level against now-published contracted rates between the plan network and rendering provider. We can deliver Machine Readable File (MRF) data for the plans you administer, or you can send us a spreadsheet and we'll do the rest.

Network Comparison

MRF data has a wealth of provider network information in it. Serif Health has indexed which providers participate in which networks, ideal for kicking off network comparisons and analytics. Supplement this analysis with tools for provider directory aggregation, entity affiliations, and network adequacy to enable comprehensive comparative analytics.

Provider Selection

If you operate a network and want to select the most cost-effective providers for your employees, Serif Health can help. Our data analytics and MRF file services allow you to easily filter down participating providers in the region to the set of providers that fit your needs; taxonomy, group size, location, and procedure cost. Our selected data partners can add additional expertise in provider quality, volume, and network adequacy as needed to enable optimal decision making.

Unlock price transparency data

We'll do the heavy lifting and provide access to clear, actionable pricing data for your organization.